I launched a series of interactive stickers this October, inviting people in Bucharest to color them. Instead of using their energy for better purposes and maintain a positive thinking when facing different situations in everyday life, people tend to remain trapped in doing things that they don’t enjoy, repeatedly, until they become as grey as the cities they live in. For me, color is a symbol of returning to happiness. The idea of the series is to help people ask themselves about what makes them unhappy.

People no longer find the time to understand the causes of their present state of mind and hide all that disturbs them somewhere in their unconsciousness. This doesn't solve the problem, but makes it harder to cope with. Wanting to surprise people and make them stop from their daily routine, I left parts of his stickers uncolored.  You truly understand an experience in your life when you live it yourself. Likewise, inviting people to spend a few minutes coloring their fears, their past or the depiction of their own self can make them more conscious about what they've been missing lately.