This year, M.O.R.A Center (More Opportunities for Romanian Artists), selected my project, Open Your Eyes, to be part of the second edition of  M.O.R.A. Emerging Program

< About Open Your Eyes >

OPEN YOUR EYES is the incentive challenging the viewer to pay attention to society, with eyes wide open. The work is composed of two eyes in tears, as symbol of human consciousness and reflection of the universe, but also of the painful human experience of living in darkness. Once open, we discover two contrasting scenes - an ignorant man with an absent gaze, in a toxic urban landscape of decay and deceit, opposed to the natural and colorful landscape. This contradiction suggests the tendency of eyes wide shut and of accepting decline for the sake of comfort. The solution is to open the eyes. AND SEE

< Exhibition: >

The exhibition featured 10 emerging artists, from various fields such as painting, drawing, installation and video.The artists selected whereAna Barbu, Bogdan Olaru, Daniel Rosu Gutman, Kiki Mihuța, Laurențiu ZloteanuLucian Hrisav, Otto, Raluca Bajenaru and Roberta Curcă
More photos here.

< Artist statement >

"Are your eyes open? What did you see the last time you looked around?

I saw a conflicting world. A masculine urban landscape, aggressive, ignorant. A feminine nature, warm, protective and free. Two instances which at the moment cannot coexist. When I close my eyes, 
I feel lost in space. When I open them, I see the problem and ask questions to find the solution. It is never easy to acknowledge the illusion. What do you see now? What do you feel? Do you enjoy the sight?"

During the opening, I offered visitors 3D glasses to experience the work in a unique way.

Technical details:
Mixed media on wood: acrylic, collage, marker, liner
50 x 50 cm (closed)

About M.O.R.A. Emerging:

Following their first edition in 2014, M.O.R.A. continued this year with the project, structured in three phases: the creation process - offering artists a space for the production of their works, the exhibition - featuring the final artworks, and the workshops and conferences - sharing ideas and advice from special guests: Eugen Rădescu/Gabi StamateMădălina Roşca/Vlad PetriOana Ioniţă Năsui/Andreea Grecu.
The project was supported by ARcub.