CRACK! Festival is one of the biggest festivals for underground comics, silkscreen, press and street art, taking place annually in Rome, Italy, at Forte Prenestino.I made a special big sticker for a.DNA project cell at the festival, but because of the huge size it was difficult to be displayed.In the end, the work was offered, by the a.DNA team, as a gift to Valerio "Sciatto" Bindi, one of the founders of the festival.Since CRACK! is a comics based festival, and this year's edition was entitled GENESI, I tried to include those ideas in my sticker design, which depicts 4 important scenes in human existence, from the distant past to the not so far future.

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The first scene is about genesis, as told by the Bible, which in my opinion is a very misogynistic story. It also shows the Tree of Truth, and its material fruits.The second scene focuses on the hypocrisy of wars and the fact that stupid people are dragged to war in the name of love.The third scene is about the present. We live in a concrete, plastic world, where advertising billboards tell us what to wear, eat, or do.The last scene highlights the near future. I imagine it as a big desert, where we will all be our own prisoners, captive in a consumerism and materialism driven mindset.In the center stands our planet, simple as it is in a very big universe.In the corners there are 4 cheeky angels. The city of the exhibition, Rome, inspired me for these ones and it’s a referral to the Christian fresco in the city.

Hand drawn sticker in ink, wax crayon and marker. 
Dimensions: 180 x 84 cm (24 pieces)

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This year the festival had its 10 year anniversary edition, entitled GENESI, symbolizing the renewing and rebirth, but also back to the roots.This edition gathered over 500 artists & publications, and thousands of visitors. The festival included live music performance & Dj sets by over 30 artists.

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