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Spot The Difference 

View more about the Zine series or Hunger series

Projects on the streets:

In 2013, I had a shy start in exposing my works. My first exhibition was at Home Matasari for Formaje Sketch Page. My first major group exhibition was later that year, at Work In Progress - Episode 3: Cyclops Parking Place (view more here), and also my first work submission overboard for In Wall We Trust #3, in Italy (view more here).  

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< 2016 >
Puls-Play || Bucharest, Romania
CHEAP || Bologna, Italy
Mandala Expo || Bucharest, Romania
Deja-VW #2 || Bucharest, Romania

< 2015 >
MORA Gallery || Bucharest, Romania
ARTivism - NAG #9 || Bucharest, Romania
Contempora 8 || Bucharest, Romania
CHEAP! Fest || Bologna, Italy
In Wall We Trust #5 || Ariola, Italy
Art Beat #3 || Osijeck, Croatia
Sole&Shape #3 || Bucharest, Romania

< 2014 >
Mixed Up #2 || Burgas, Bulgaria
Manglar Urbano || Porto Alegre, Brasil
Contempora 7 || Bucharest, Romania
Art Beat #2 || Osijeck, Croatia
Crack! Festival || Rome, Italy

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< 2015 >
MTL Slaps || Montreal, Canada
Keep It Peel || Wales, UK
Cola Aqui || Brasil & India
Slap Happy || Victoria, BC, Canada
Pulsar Fest || Minas Gerais, Brasil

< 2014 >
Sticker Nerd #3 ||  Portland, USA 
MTL Slaps || Montreal, Canada 
Crusty Creature || Toronto, Canada
Urban Arena || Rome, Italy
Karton Gallery || Budapest, Hungary
Santa Cola || Porto Alegre, Brasil
ADhesive Fiends || Chicago, USA
Stuck Up OC || California, USA
Sticker Effect || Tijuana, Mexico

As a school teacher, my mother always had in the house sticker paper. Since I have been a collector of sticker, in 2012, I started to make my own. 

In October 2016, I took part in Puls-Play project, along with 29 artists. Each artist had to pick 4 locations in Bucharest, and make works inspired by the chosen places, in any medium they found fit. 

I picked J'ai Bistro, Dolphin's Market, Obor Market and The Comedy Theater.

J'ai Bistro - Life On Loop, marker on paper, 70x100 cm - View More
Dolphin's Market - No Title, marker & liner on photo print, 70x100 cm - View More
Obor Market - At The Market, site specific & photo - View More
The Comedy Theater - Feelings Cube, 5 x canvas 30x30 cm, mixed media, installation - View More

In November, the selected works were displayed in the "Feel Bucharest" exhibition, at Pura Vida Hub - see more photosThe Puls-Play project also invited Vhils to work in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca & Timisoara - photos here
Visit A project by Du-Ne
Photos by Andrei Gîndac

This year, M.O.R.A Center (More Opportunities for Romanian Artists), selected my project, Open Your Eyes, to be part of the second edition of  M.O.R.A. Emerging Program

< About Open Your Eyes >

OPEN YOUR EYES is the incentive challenging the viewer to pay attention to society, with eyes wide open. The work is composed of two eyes in tears, as symbol of human consciousness and reflection of the universe, but also of the painful human experience of living in darkness. Once open, we discover two contrasting scenes - an ignorant man with an absent gaze, in a toxic urban landscape of decay and deceit, opposed to the natural and colorful landscape. This contradiction suggests the tendency of eyes wide shut and of accepting decline for the sake of comfort. The solution is to open the eyes. AND SEE

< Exhibition: >

The exhibition featured 10 emerging artists, from various fields such as painting, drawing, installation and video.The artists selected whereAna Barbu, Bogdan Olaru, Daniel Rosu Gutman, Kiki Mihuța, Laurențiu ZloteanuLucian Hrisav, Otto, Raluca Bajenaru and Roberta Curcă
More photos here.

< Artist statement >

"Are your eyes open? What did you see the last time you looked around?

I saw a conflicting world. A masculine urban landscape, aggressive, ignorant. A feminine nature, warm, protective and free. Two instances which at the moment cannot coexist. When I close my eyes, 
I feel lost in space. When I open them, I see the problem and ask questions to find the solution. It is never easy to acknowledge the illusion. What do you see now? What do you feel? Do you enjoy the sight?"

During the opening, I offered visitors 3D glasses to experience the work in a unique way.

Technical details:
Mixed media on wood: acrylic, collage, marker, liner
50 x 50 cm (closed)

About M.O.R.A. Emerging:

Following their first edition in 2014, M.O.R.A. continued this year with the project, structured in three phases: the creation process - offering artists a space for the production of their works, the exhibition - featuring the final artworks, and the workshops and conferences - sharing ideas and advice from special guests: Eugen Rădescu/Gabi StamateMădălina Roşca/Vlad PetriOana Ioniţă Năsui/Andreea Grecu.
The project was supported by ARcub.

Since 2014 I've been collaborating with Autobaza Radio, for different projects. Click the title to find all info:
  • Deja-WV // Autobaza 2015 Calendar - Live Drawing - Bucharest, Romania - 2014
  • Graffiti Wrooom #2 // Live Drawing on Portocală - Bucharest, Romania - 2015
  • Deja-WV #2 // Midocar 2017 Callendar - Live Drawing - Bucharest, Romania - 2016

Stickerbomb is a book series project from London, by The SRK Studio.Their newest book release will be skull themed, and is coming out this August. 

My work was inspired from my patterns sticker series, and tells the story of what we do wrong as humans in life. The skull is often a metaphor for death, so you can say it illustrates what it makes us dead as species.

The launch party & exhibition will take place at Kult Gallery, in Singapore, on the 1st of August, 2014.[FB event]

About Stickerbomb book series >

The concept for the Stickerbomb book series was born in London in 2008 and the popularity that followed, quickly propelled the book into one of the most successful book series published by Laurence King PublishingSuch was the international demand for Stickerbomb, the series has seen the release of 5 books in just over 6 years, firmly establishing itself as a brand in the publishing industry as well as the gift and design markets.
Stickerbomb formed a network of over 200 selected artists and illustrators globally and with book sales now approaching nearly 200,000 worldwide. The project is the creation of The SRK: a multi-disciplinary studio with a background in production and publishing. 
Follow the project on: Website || Facebook || Instagram

This December, while passing by several dumpsters, I imagined how would it be if the dumpsters themselves could communicate with us. Here are some thoughts I think they would share. Enjoy the "Dumpster notes" series.

To be continued... 


I launched a series of interactive stickers this October, inviting people in Bucharest to color them. Instead of using their energy for better purposes and maintain a positive thinking when facing different situations in everyday life, people tend to remain trapped in doing things that they don’t enjoy, repeatedly, until they become as grey as the cities they live in. For me, color is a symbol of returning to happiness. The idea of the series is to help people ask themselves about what makes them unhappy.

People no longer find the time to understand the causes of their present state of mind and hide all that disturbs them somewhere in their unconsciousness. This doesn't solve the problem, but makes it harder to cope with. Wanting to surprise people and make them stop from their daily routine, I left parts of his stickers uncolored.  You truly understand an experience in your life when you live it yourself. Likewise, inviting people to spend a few minutes coloring their fears, their past or the depiction of their own self can make them more conscious about what they've been missing lately.