Adhesive Fiends is an exhibition tour held in two of the most important galleries in Chicago: Paper Crown & Chicago Truborn. The event is a classic sticker/street art show with a few twists, witch gathers hundreds of international sticker & paste up artists. 

The first exhibition takes place in Arlington Heights, Illinois, from July 19th to 24th, at Paper Crown galleryAt the opening the visitors could make sticker trades, auction for charity, see live painting by RasTerms aka Terockatron, and enjoy live music from G CreatureThe charity at this event raised funds for Little City, an arts program. The project is developed by Glass Cuisine & Switch Atron, and co-hosted by Jeffrey Gorskii, Jay Turner, Sara Margaret and Dennis Quijano.

The second exhibition will take place at Chicago Truborn gallery, from August 1st to 15th. The opening event will host live painting from Revise CMW Sandoval & live music with Mark CleverOne. The charity will raise funds for Street Level, a youth media organisation.

< About my work >

My work depicts a human figure divided by the “sequences of life”. He is divided, as on one hand, he is a “material” being, mesmerized by the material world and finds himself in the middle of the universe. On the other hand, he is part of the universe.
“The sequences of life” represents life of a man in today’s society, divided in patterns. 

Dimensions: 118 x 83 cm (24 pieces). Hand-drawn sticker in marker, ink and wax crayons.