This year I was selected to participate in CHEAP  - international street art festival. I've submitted two poster proposals which where pasted-up in Bologna, Italy, during the festival, May 1 - 10. Out of 400 poster proposals, 251 were selected, from artists in different corners of the world. The posters were pasted-up in key points in Bologna, Italy. This year's edition of CHEAP festival included pieces from Levalet, Bifido, Nemo's, Madame Moustache, Vilz Feel Free and Ufocinque & Werther.

< About CHEAP >

CHEAP is an independent project promoting street art as a tool for urban regeneration.
The annual festival is taking place in Bologna, since 2013, and provides an international "open call", where selected guests work on site specific projects, modulated on the urban landscapes of the city.
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