This June I was part of the 7th edition of "Contempora", held in two locations in Bucharest, Romania [Acuarela & Plastelina].

My work is entitled "interCONNECTion" and represents the inner battle that takes place in each individual, between his natural, spiritual state, closer to the colours, and the material, physical state, formed from little details in black and white. The black ones depict words & logos, that dictate the life of some of us, while the white ones refer to every day activities such as the time spent at the office, or destructive actions - stupid wars, for example.

Dimensions: 89 x 60 cm (9 pieces)
Hand-drawn sticker in marker, wax crayon and ink.

< Contempora 7 opening night @ Imbold Gallery >

The Contempora 7 exhibition is up between June 12th and 27th, 2014, in Bucharest. Every year, the event gathers emerging young artists from various art fields such as theater, music, painting, installation or urban art. This year I was part of the exhibition held at Imbold Gallery.  


Ada Muntean, Adela Lupu, Agata Tabacu, Alexandra Camelia Tătaru, Alice Feraru, Anamaria Cristina Dobraș, Anca Hurubaru, Andrei Mateescu, Andrei Răutu, Anton Groves, Artelier, Augustin Răzvan Radu, Bogdan Mureșanu, Corina Raiciu, Cornelia Popa, Cosmina Soare, Elena Albu, Iolanda Boban, Irina Epifan, ITI, Iulia Alexandra Cărnaru, Iulia Ignat, Joel Silva, Luiza Istudor, Magda Radu, Maria Fulop, Mariana Oprea, Mircea Hristescu, Misha Diaconu, Obiectiv, Pulse, Raluca Băjenaru, Rareș Drăgoiu, Răzvan Anghelache, Roșca Daniel, Sevan Szekely, Valeria Anghelache, Veronica Tomescu, Vlad Matei Stanciu.