I was invited to attend Contempora's Ad Infinitum - 8th annual contemporary art exhibition, which will be opening this year in September. This May, a preview of the upcoming exhibition was hosted by City Forest festival at the University House, in Bucharest, Romania.

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Title: „Outside the square”
Concept: The work has two components. The square form of the canvas symbolizes the limited space inside which the contemporary man is locked, incapable of being aware of the universe surrounding him, with his mind occupied with everyday life struggles. The second part of the work shows that we are our own unlimited universe, which cannot be imposed by society. When man will be able to perceive his potential, he can escape society's patterns.

Marker on canvas, 20x20 cm / Total : 71 x 23 cm

The exhibition gathered 23 artists from various art fields such as sculpture, painting, collage or drawing. This event was a preview of the upcoming exhibition, which will be held in the same place this September. The theme for this 8th edition of Contempora is "Ad Infinitum" - to continue to the infinite, without limits. The project is coordinated by Corina Laura Nae, and aims to present young emerging artists and promote Romanian contemporary art through its events.

Full list of artists that were part of the show:
Ada Munteanu, Alexandra Tătaru, Alexandru Vasiliu, Anca Hurubaru, Antoaneta Tica, Bogdan Ciobanu, Cori Rai, Cornelia Popa, Cosmina Soare, Cristina Stoica, Dia Iacob, ITI, Iulia Negru, Iulian Moldovan, Jeni Stângaciu, Medeea Nămoloșanu, Oana Unciuleanu, Rareș Drăgoiu, Roșca Daniel, Valeria Anghelache, Veronica Tomescu, Viku Zen and Vlad Matei Stanciu

< Live drawing session >

At the opening, artists were invited to draw together on a canvas with markers and products kindly offered by POSCA Romania.