The place of inspiration:

The New Hall of the Comedy Theater is where new and independent plays are staged. It is also the home of Atelier 030202 contemporary art gallery. I chose it because it is a quiet, creative and inspiring place to work in. I enjoyed the funny sounds coming from the artists rehearsals, in the theater hall, in the 3 days when I drew there.

Work description:

Starting from the symbol of theater, the masks of laughter and sadness, I've designed a cube with 4 faces, each representing a feeling - happy, sad, curious and angry. The cube is made to be put on the head. When wearing it, one can see drawings of inner thoughts, depending on the feeling depicted on the external facets of the cube. That gives people the opportunity to explore feelings and discover my own inner thoughts.    

Technical details:

5 x canvas, 30x30 cm each, in marker, acrylic and liner
4 drawings, 25x25 cm, in marker and ink liner

Exhibition held at Pura Vida Hub, in November, 2016:


Part of the Puls-Play project by Du-Ne.

Photos by Andrei Gîndac