In March 2016, I was invited by Contempora to take part in the Mandala group exhibition, held at Door Center, in Bucharest, Romania. 

I was always fascinated with the process of making mandalas by the Buddhist monks. For me, making a mandala is a process of creation, transformation, meditation and interaction. The piece depicts the cycle of life trough aging translated into the passing of time, in spiritual growth and our re-connection with the universe and the inner self. 
The work is made in acrylic, marker, liner, on hard- paper. Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

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The exhibition was held at Door Center, in Bucharest, March 1 - 6.

Participating artists: Geanina Luminita Vatamanu, Valeria Anghelache, Cristina Flueras, Mircea Corcodel, Alexandra Tataru, Radu Popescu, Cori Rai, Corina Laura Nae, Dia Iacob, Andreea Georgiana, Iulian Moldovan, Maria Demergiu, Mara Nita, Grafemeride de Anca Ciuciulin, Anemary Ticheaua.

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