I was invited by Mexican artist sieSeis to have my works featured at "Manglar Urbano", 1st international street art festival in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. The event took place from October 11th to 21st, and included various activities such as live painting in Poerto Morelos, by local artists, exhibitions(stickers, paste-ups, stencils, paper toys, trashcan art), workshops and documentary screenings.

< Paper toy exhibition >

The exhibition was held at Casa Cultura, Puerto Morelos, and gathered over 30 artists from all over the world. Following the myths and legends of K'u kul K'an (the wind) from various sources – online and even TV shows – I chose to focus on the concept of war and, secondary, on the extraterrestrial nature attributed to this god.Therefore, the work reveals not only the symbols, but also the consequences of war – the suffering of the people, its deceiving tactics and the impact on how humans connect or, better said, disconnect in time of war. However, beneath all this, somehow there is love and I showed this through the heart and the touch of fingers between the characters, who in the story seem enemies, but in essence are one.

< Making of: Sticker >

It is a hand drawn sticker in wax crayons, marker and ink, sized ~ 120 x 105 cm (16 pieces). My work depicts a human figure, representing our planet Earth, in its natural state, without borders, flags, etc. I chose the sombrero as a "capitalized" symbol for Mexico country, in the world. The patterns represent the symbols depicted in everyday life (red – new symbols / yellow – old values & culture).The 4 scenes on the front of the hat depict scenes from the distant past to current time, in the history of Mexico.

A special thanks to sieSeis for all :)