This April, one of my works was featured in the MTL Slaps exhibition, held in Montreal, Quebec [Canada]. 

My work  is entitled “ Don’t let them choose for you” and it depicts a colorful human figure that holds in equilibrium the material way (symbolized by money) and the spiritual way (symbolized by the heart). Behind the character is the crazy patterns in our life that helps or makes it harder to choose between the two ways.

Dimensions: 65 X 57 cm
Hand-drawn in marker, ink and wax crayons

< The opening event >

The opening night of the "MTL Slaps" international sticker exhibition took place on the 17th of April, at SubV Boutique, in Montreal, Canada. The event gathered sticker artists from all over the world, and people at the event could make sticker trades. 

The sticker ended on Montreal's finest gallery... the streets!
Many thanks to the organizers of this event, and the interesting sticker community project: ANEW street art.