The place of inspiration:

The first historical register of the place is from the 17th century. It has been a place of market and trade since then. In my childhood my parents took me here to buy me a pet, because in the 90's, here you could find the best "pet store" in Bucharest. And they had not only pets. All sorts of things, unimaginable, were traded here. Also a big shopping place for clothes, including fake Nike, rebranded as Mike.
A few years ago, the place was radically changed. It became more focused on food products, a place where local farmers, all over the country, could sell their products. 

Work description:

For this piece the idea was to bring a tribute and awareness to all the hard working people who provide us, the "masses", good fresh food. I wanted to highlight the fact that these people work day and night, on sunny or rainy days, all year round. Yet at the end of the year they barely survive. We are filled with low quality, unhealthy fruits and vegetables in stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets... and, on the other hand, these markets, "by the people, for the people", are nearly dying. 

We have to encourage local agriculture by shopping in the local market, buying from local farmers, and this way we can have more healthy products in our meals.  

Technical details:

Site specific installation - wood, cardboard, marker / Photography collage

Part of the Puls-Play project by Du-Ne.