After the revolution in '89 many hoped that things will become "better", that "better" we are all trained to wait for. In recent events that happened in Romania (#Colectiv, political changes), people began analyzing their condition as a group, as a society.

Romania tuned out to be a perverted land. We all have fetishes here. The state of mind is pervert. We enjoy suffering, drama, we like to pleasure our ego. The greater the power, the darker the fetish.

Blue represents the self-pleasured ones. They like themselves, feel comfortable with themselves. They like to talk about them as sex experts, when in fact the reality is rubber sad. Yellow. Which takes my mind to gold, to men who like to dominate. Or perhaps they prefer being dominated? Red. Or blood. The blood on which common-sense laws or changes appear. And the medical system, which is also perverted. And needs new blood.

Technical details:

Acrylic and liner on canvas, 15 x 10 cm (each)