Ronald is sick is an alarm signal about our eating habits. In the U.S.A., fast-food meals are directly responsible for obesity. 

This issue has become common in the E.U. as well: 1 in 2 kids have weight problems, 14 million children are obese, and the number grows with 400.000 more annually. In Romania more than 25% of children are obese, in 2015, and 50% of the adults have a weight problem. 

Here is another perspective on the issue, with real time statistics from

771,995,315 Undernourished people in the world
651,129,278 Obese people in the world
+26,731 People who died of hunger today
$ +434,895,141 Money spent for obesity related
diseases in the U.S.A. today

The conclusion is that with better eating we'll have 651,129,278 people more healthy, over half a billion $ saved per day, that we can use to properly feed the 771,995,315 undernourished people, and have 0 people dying of hunger every day.