"Santa Cola" is a project that collects stickers & paste-ups, from various artists around the world, and showcases them in various exhibitions, events, and even included a nice "make-over" of an old mill, all taking place in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The concept is developed by street art artist, Drao. Full photos from the events here.

< About my work >

My work depicts a character wrapped up in a band representing the cultural/ political/ economic systems and the laws defining them, suppressing the individual, who is reduced to silence. Behind the figure there are patterns inspired from real life. Although white is a color associated with good, in my work I used a shady white, reversing the meaning and values attached to it. So, I chose black as a symbol of good, of love and balance.

Dimensions: 120x75 cm (16 pieces).

Hand-drawn sticker in marker, ink and wax crayons.

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