The "Urban Arena" project had its opening on June 6th, in Rome, Italy. An initiative of a.DNA Collective in collaboration with OFF, "Urban Arena" aims to rehabilitate abandoned cultural spaces through urban art interventions. 

Their first event took place in the ex cinema Preneste / GPRV, from December 18th, 2012 to March 23th, 2013. Another space is Volturno Occupato, an ex cinema and theater, where the permanent exhibition is currently taking place.

< About the work >

My work is entitled "The Missing Piece" and it symbolizes the missing piece of the big puzzle of life - love. The work is featured in the sticker wall installation at Urban Arena's permanent exhibition, held at Volturno Occupato.

Hand drawn sticker in ink, wax crayon and marker,
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Urban Arena gatheres various cultural and artistic events: live music, video projections, exhibitions, mural painting, installations, silkscreen, urban shops.

Another installation was the sticker wall, with works from international sticker artists.
Urban Portrait Exhibition. One of the main event of the project is the exhibition entitled "Urban Portrait", where  each participant created a work especially for the event. 38 local and international artists began painting the walls of Volturno Occupato in April 2013. Photos and info from the work in progress phase here.

A special thanks to a.DNA project.